I have little ones who are really active and always wanting to try new things, and so when they show interest in joining a sport or an activity, my first question is, “How much is it going to cost me?” –  so I know the deal!

Maybe like me, you’ve started considering Karate as something that would be good for your kids.

Alright, so let’s get into it… How much does Martial Arts cost?

Fair warning: this blog post is going to seem to get off subject for a minute, but I promise that I will work back around to answering the big question.

A few years ago, I went to go buy a new car.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted an SUV, a wagon, or a minivan for my growing family.  What did I think the determining factor for that decision was? You guessed it: the price.  I was going back and forth between so many types of vehicles and models based solely on the price on the window sticker.

Finally, at about the 3rd car lot that I went to, a helpful salesman said something to me that made so much sense:

“why don’t you go home and research what you want, and then we’ll get it for you at a good price.”

Once I heard that, the lightbulb went on! When I’m clear about what I want, I’ll finally be in the right spot to ask about the price.

Think about it: What is the first question to ask when looking for a college?  A new case for your new phone?  A wedding photographer?

It’s not about price, is it?

The real question to ask is: If money was not an issue, what is it specifically that you would want?

If you’re still not sure that you want Karate lessons for your kids or yourself, you need to keep doing research!  Here are a few links that may be helpful:

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If you’d like to see a complete list of Karate schools in Santa Barbara, these links may be helpful:

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Alright, finally – time to answer the big question…

What kind of investment does a Martial Arts education take?

Depending on your area and the quality of the program, Martial Arts classes can go anywhere from $75 to $375 per month.  I realize that is a huge range, but that is why you need to know exactly what you want.

In Santa Barbara, I think the highest amount anyone charges is about $280 for the first family member.

To put that in perspective, an 8 week session of a single photo class at our local Brooks Institute of Photography goes for about $6,000.  That amount would cover a student at our Karate school for over 3 years – enough time to earn a Black Belt.

I hope that helps!

If you’re ready to try out Karate, please consider my family’s dojo.  We’ve got a great program:

Martial Arts Family Fitness
122 E. Gutierrez St.
(805) 963-6233

Good luck on your journey!

  • Master A.