Looking to compare Santa Barbara’s different Martial Art schools?  There are a lot of karate schools in the  area and I couldn’t find a place that listed every one of them.  This page is dedicated to doing just that.  As a parent, I know that it is important to do your homework about these types of things.

About the list:
I looked up every “Karate” place in Santa Barbara by searching for terms such as Kung Fu School, Karate School, Martial Arts lessons, etc.  Then I sorted through all of them and took out the duplicates or alternative business names. I removed the Karate “clubs” or places that didn’t actually have a school location in Santa Barbara.

The list:

Name Style Address Website
Academy Koei-Kan Karate Do Karate 1427 San Andres St koeikansb.com
Aikido of Santa Barbara Aikido 121 N Milpas St #A aikidoofsantabarbara.com
Gracie Bara Brazilian Jiu Su BBJ 1014 State St. gbsantabarbara.com
Jang’s Karate Ctr Soo Bahk Do 517 De La Vina St. jangskarate.com
Lau Kune Do Tai Chi, Kung Fu 122 W. Mission St. laukunedosb.com
Martial Arts Family Fitness Hapkido 122 E. Gutierrez St. kickboxers.com
Santa Barbara Jujitsu Kai Jujitsu 220 W Canon Perdido St sbjujitsu.com
Santa Barbara JKA Shotokan Karate 4317 State St sbjka.com
Senshin Center Aikido 193 S Turnpike Rd senshincenter.com
South Coast Karate Karate 591 Santa Rosa Ln southcoastkarate.com
USSD Karate 3433 State St. #A ussd.com
Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jistsu BJJ 617 N Salsipuedes St paragonbjj.com
Valhalla Training Center MMA, Kung fu 1113 State St sbmartialarts.com
Wu Shu Studio Karate, Kung Fu 23 W Gutierrez St. #A thewushustudio.com

Full disclosure: I am an instructor at Martial Arts Family Fitness 🙂