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Karate for Kids in Santa Barbara

A Parent's Guide to Martial Arts

How much do Karate lessons cost?


I have little ones who are really active and always wanting to try new things, and so when they show interest in joining a sport or an activity, my first question is, “How much is it going to cost me?” –  so I know the deal!

Maybe like me, you’ve started considering Karate as something that would be good for your kids.

Alright, so let’s get into it… How much does Martial Arts cost?

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What does Karate have to do with Meditation?

Through the years, many martial arts schools have lessened the emphasis on meditation in their classes, or have removed it completely.  In other dojos, martial artists actually say that meditation is the most important part of the art.

The question I’m asking here is: What good is meditation in class, and is there any real benefit to it, or are kids just wasting their time sitting there?

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The Martial Arts Kid Movie (2014)

I know it looks a little cheesy, but I’m a sucker for these types of movies… Plus, it looks like it might have some good character lessons in it – not to mention good moves!

Do you think it will make it to theaters or will go straight to Netflix?

The Mental Side of Martial Arts

I love the story of the Professor and the Zen Master. I had a similar experience with my Grandmaster who said, “Take a breath in. Take another breath in. And another – don’t breath out…. That is like learning without teaching. Every time you learn something, you need to teach something – like breathing.”

Kevin Shryock

Martial arts is about the mind and body together as one. Taekwondo black belt instructor Candice Solomon-Strutz joins us to share and important lesson.

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The 3 Karate School Stereotypes

We’ve all seen the Karate Kid movies, right?

So… we know already:  There are only 2 types of schools… The good Karate Schools of course, and oh – the evil ones – right?!  Wait… Hmm… really?

Let’s think about this for a minute…

I don’t really think that there are karate schools out there teaching kids “put him in a body bag, Johnny!” style…

…but there are definitely a few different schools of thoughts when it comes to Martial Arts for kids.

To me, there are 3 types of Karate Schools….

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What inspires Kids to do Karate?

How to inspire kids to do karate
If you’re like me, you’ll do anything to get your kids into Martial Arts.

The question that I’m always asking is the topic of this post: How can I inspire my kids and others to participate in Martial Arts?

First off, if you’re not convinced: there are PLENTY of reasons to start your kids young and get them into Karate…
The short list of benefits includes: discipline, fitness, confidence, self defense, and strong character.

You get the idea!

So now… how do we get them jazzed up about the idea as much as we are?

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What style of Martial Arts do they do in the movies?

Did you know that most Martial Art movies (at least the big Hollywood ones) are directed by many of the same fight coordinators?  The big ones are old-time martial artists who’ve cross-trained in many different martial arts and learned from each other.

So what style are they doing in the movies… ahhh the suspense lingers on!  You must read on…

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Karate Kills Entitlement

Isn’t entitlement the most annoying thing in the universe!?

Maybe I’m just getting old, but it seems that most young people today believe that everything should be given to them – for free.  They are born, therefore they deserve anything they want.

Sound familiar to you?

When kids show signs of entitlement, I used to get mad.  Now, I just smile.  Because I’m not worried about entitlement anymore for this generation – at least with those that I have influence with… because I’ve found the cure….

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