How to inspire kids to do karate
If you’re like me, you’ll do anything to get your kids into Martial Arts.

The question that I’m always asking is the topic of this post: How can I inspire my kids and others to participate in Martial Arts?

First off, if you’re not convinced: there are PLENTY of reasons to start your kids young and get them into Karate…
The short list of benefits includes: discipline, fitness, confidence, self defense, and strong character.

You get the idea!

So now… how do we get them jazzed up about the idea as much as we are?

#1) Watch Martial Art Movies!

Check out this graph showing internet searches for terms such as “Karate for Kids”.  The large spikes you see correlate exactly with the release date of the remake of Karate Kid (with Jaden Smith).

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 3.40.53 AM

After that movie came out, kids were begging their parents to sign them up!

#2) Watch more Martial Arts movies together!  Haha, yeah!

#3) Check out reviews online for different Dojos in your area.

#4) Bring your son or daughter in for a trial class and make sure you stay there to encourage them and show support.

#5) Train with your kids.  At some schools, you can actually train in the same class.  This creates a bond between you two and makes it something even cooler to be a part of.

#6) Get a commitment from them.   When they are very excited about the Martial Arts, ask them if they are serious about doing it.  Great goals take great commitment and this is a perfect time to talk to them about that.  Go over the fact that it won’t always be easy and that there will be rough moments.  As soon as you commit to something, your commitment will be challenged – this is the same with all commitments.

#7) Keep them coming consistently.  Consistency over time equals results!  If your child is getting better at Karate, they will want to keep going and they’ll stay motivated.

#8) Check in with your instructors often and make sure that you’re on the same page regarding your child’s progress.  Just like with a school teacher, you want to be involved and show that you care.

I hope that helps!

See you on the mat!

  • Master A