Did you know that most Martial Art movies (at least the big Hollywood ones) are directed by many of the same fight coordinators?  The big ones are old-time martial artists who’ve cross-trained in many different martial arts and learned from each other.

So what style are they doing in the movies… ahhh the suspense lingers on!  You must read on…

Kung Fu movies, Karate movies, and just about EVERY kind of martial art movie has many elements of a style called Hapkido.  Hapkido was first known as Korean Karate when it came over to the United States in the late 70’s.  It is a dynamic art – maybe the first mixed martial art – incorporating hard and soft styles together.

In fact, a great many “Kung Fu” movies filmed in Hong Kong during the height of their popularity starred Hapkido Masters such as Ing-Sak Whang – just check out all the classic movies he was in!!

Even Bruce Lee credits Hapkido for some of his moves.  He was quoted saying that Ji Han Jae (a Hapkido Master who is still alive today) was one of the best martial artists he knew.  He credited Hapkido for teaching him his kicking style, and actually fought Jae in the 1978 film Game of Death.

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Hiya! – Master A