Isn’t entitlement the most annoying thing in the universe!?

Maybe I’m just getting old, but it seems that most young people today believe that everything should be given to them – for free.  They are born, therefore they deserve anything they want.

Sound familiar to you?

When kids show signs of entitlement, I used to get mad.  Now, I just smile.  Because I’m not worried about entitlement anymore for this generation – at least with those that I have influence with… because I’ve found the cure….

KARATE, or any type of martial art is the cure to entitlement.  Instead of killing your kids, sign them up for some martial arts class at a karate school near you.  The school I just linked to is one near me that I happen to teach at.  YES – I am a martial arts instructor.  I’ve seen first hand how entitlement poison’s a young person’s attitude.

Some kids come in with great attitudes in the beginning, but then somewhere along the line they grow up and decide that they should just get a belt for showing up to class!  Ha!  Yeah right.  As they get older, our curriculum get’s harder – just like I believe it is in life.  First it’s a library card, then a driver’s license, then maybe a college degree…. each is harder than the next.

If you’re in the Santa Barbara area and you’re interested in Karate classes, make sure to give MAFF a call: (805) 963-6233.

– Master A