The subtitle of my blog says that Martial Arts is “the 3rd most beneficial thing for kids.” This page is to address the first that and the two other things – in case you were curious.

Skipping the Basics
I’m not talking about food, water, shelter and the things to survive.  I am talking about the things that help our kids grow up to be strong and able to really thrive in life.

What is Beneficial?
The most beneficial things for kids in my opinion are the environments that they grow up in – the places where lessons are learned about life – the place where positive role models and heroes show the way.

#1 – A Good Home
No child can really thrive in life without growing up in a safe and loving family home.  Every family is different, but all need structure, communication, and positive role models.

#2 – A Good School
Schools are so important because they lay the ground work for a strong and creative mind.  The word “education” comes from the idea of drawing out knowledge – not putting knowledge in.  Great teachers inspire kids to learn and encourage them to work hard in life.

#3 – A Good Martial Arts School
A dojo or martial arts studio with awesome instructors is the third most beneficial environment for kids to grow up in. Not only is there discipline, structure and physical education, but there is the foundation of courtesy and respect at the very core. A good martial arts school will reinforce good behavior at home as well as good grades at school.  An exceptional Karate teacher will inspire and model good character.


With these 3 structures combined, I believe your kids are going to be more than fine.  They’ll be confident, educated, strong, and able leaders…

I hope that answers the question. 🙂

– Master A